The Boss Has Decided We Have a Spy

Centre with branches located strategically throughout Singapore ...Of course I am not really sure how it is happening, but over the last few months there have been a lot of strange things happening around the office. There have been a lot of really suspicious rumors out in the local business press and while some of it was completely false, it is obvious that some of it comes from a highly placed source in the headquarters. Mr P is really upset and he sent me to the task of figuring out who is doing it. I realized that I probably need a private investigator and I figured out who was the most qualified company.

They Truly Have Some of the Best

guoco tower is one of the best looking places in all of the world, it mixes style and versatility into one sleek and stylish building. If there were any place in the world that you should want to try out, it would be this place. I can not stop recommending that if you come to the area you stay right here, because there really is no place like it. Just experiencing it is an honor. I mean I remember every day that I spent in this city and I attribute all of that to staying here, if I had stayed anywehre else I imagine my stay would have been much less pleasant. First off, the tower is in the best part of town imaginable. There is nothing but friendly people around, and all of them greet you with respect and recognition.

Moving to Phoenix This Month

I just got back from Phoenix, already found a nice house that needs a good bit of work. It is a foreclosure and the bank has made a mess of the deal, leaving it there to go sour on them. Of course it is not anything that could not be fixed and I made a point of exaggerating every little flaw while I was negotiating the sale. They wanted to get out of the mess they had made. As soon it was finalized, I got out my laptop and found a company that does pest control in phoenix. From what it seemed like to me, there had been a squatter in the house.

Joined a Garage Band Today

Web Design by The Smarter Web CompanyI am not sure that I really have time, but these guys from school talked me into joining their band today. They got me to bring my guitar over to play with them in Johnny’s father’s garage. It was not that bad really. The drummer is not very good in my opinion, but after that there is some talent there I suppose. I did not have much else to do either. I have been studying web design on the internet during my summer vacation. My Mom says I have to do something and that was what I picked. It seemed like something that would be useful. Of course we would need to have a web page at some point, that is what Johnny said. I laughed at this and told him that we needed to practice, a lot. We did not sound great, but there is no chance that I would want to make a video of us performing and post it on a web page.

Of course you see lots of bands who are worse than we are. I figure we could pretend to be a Ramones cover band right now.