Started on the New Site Today

I got to Malaysia about a week ago, but to be honest I have sort of been goofing off and enjoying the local culture for the most part. I got a car rental from this place here or it was called something like Big Thumb car rental agency I think. At any rate there is a ton of stuff to do around here and my stuff was not here, so there was not much I could do until the air line people located it and got it sent ahead. Continue reading

Making Money from an Old Building

I bought a building for cheap to use as the new site of my production company. The building is used for filming all kinds of media, from television shows, to movies and commercials. Before the building was fit to be used for filming, I had to hire a company for exterior restoration in nyc to get it presentable. When I first bought it, the building was pretty run down. It looked like it hand’t been used in years. I guess that’s how I got it for such a low price, because it was unappealing to most buyers from the outside. The inside wasn’t that appealing either, but I knew that I could fix it up for a little bit of money and easily make that money back from all the production I would be doing.

I hired a company to do both the exterior and interior repairs. Since I was able to use one company for both tasks, I was able to save money in the process. Continue reading