Mirrors Are Your Best Friend for Small-scale Decorating


I bought an apartment that I absolutely adore. It is a bit small though, so I knew that I needed to be very careful with the way that I chose to decorate it after I first moved in. If you do not do it just right, you can easily overwhelm the small rooms, causing it to seem claustrophobic and even smaller than they already are. I looked around for someone who could make custom mirrors in Brooklyn to help me with my plans.

First, when you open the door to my place, you walk down a very narrow and dark hallway to get to the rest of the place. Because I am a renter, I cannot have light fixtures installed in the ceiling to help light the room up. There are no windows in the hallway either. There is a small alcove on one of the walls meant to be a spot where you throw your keys and wallet when you come home, so I played a very small lamp there. That helped a little bit. Continue reading