Leasing Luxury Apartments for out of Town Clients

I work for a very well-known record label in Charlotte, NC. Musicians travel from all over the country to record their latest projects at our recording studio. Part of our obligation to the artists is to provide them a place to stay while they’re in town. Typically, we put them up in a luxury hotel and spend and exorbitant amount of money on it. I came up with the idea of possibly looking for luxury apartments for South Charlotte and leasing one or two instead of paying for hotel rooms. My boss loved the idea and wanted me to move forward with the idea.

Of course, I started searching the internet to find a place where our clients would be comfortable and would be close to the recording studio. Almost immediately, I found one only two miles away. Continue reading

Divorce Doesn’t Need to Ruin Your Life


Divorce is never easy, because it is the end of something that you had so many hopes and dreams for. I know that was definitively the case with my marriage. I went into my marriage wanting it to last forever. I wanted to be that old couple that grow old on the porch together. But as they say you can only control yourself, not others. So when I needed to find a good lawyer to protect me I went online and did as internet search for divorce lawyer in saratoga ny . I had originally thought of just talking out together and not worry with a attorney, but my friend told me she and her ex-husband tried that and it did not work for them at all. I was so devastated when I found out that my husband wanted a divorce because he wanted to be with someone else. I was so betrayed and blindsided. That got to wake up and realize he could not be trusted. Continue reading