A Great Place to Visit, a Better Place to Live

If you’re anything like me, then you are one of those individuals who absolutely, completely and utterly with all the passion you can muster – hate winter. Oh, man, I can’t even begin to express my extreme loathing of winter. Winter is just painful, the cutting wind and the biting freezing temperatures. All of it. Snow. Ice. It’s terrible! Which has lately had me exploring other options as to where I might want to live and in doing so, I came across south bay mls. I had thought before about throwing a bag over my shoulder and heading out west, where the sun is far more plentiful and winter a barely remembered dream in the back of the people’s minds; for some, winter has never even happened. Snow, you say, what’s that? That’s the attitude I’d rather deal with instead of having to wash my car of salt stains every winter when the snow falls or the mass panic it induces in typically sane, rational people.

Oh, yes. Give me beaches and dreams, women in bikinis and Redwood forests.