A Storm Damaged My Roof

My cousin offered to help us fix our roof when it was damaged in a storm. I appreciated his offer, but I also knew that I wanted a professional to do it. I had called around for estimates, and I was pleased with one roofing contractor in nyc since his price came in very reasonable. I was also happy that he was insured, which is the main reason I did not want my cousin fixing the roof. I knew he could probably do it since he is a handyman, but I also knew that he was not insured. If something were to happen, my homeowner’s insurance would have to pick up the costs, which would raise my prices.

I also knew that he did not have the same equipment that the professional roofers have. He only gets on a roof once in a blue moon while these men do it nearly every day. I knew that they had the proper safety equipment as well as the knowledge on how to stay safe. When they came to look at the roof so they could give me an estimate, I thought that I would get an estimate that was really high.

I had never hired a private contractor like this, but I had heard plenty of horror stories from friends and family members who have. I didn’t need to worry though. Not only did they tell me that they would be able to fix it rather than replace the entire roof, but the price was extremely reasonable. We set up a date for them to do the work, and it did not take long at all for them to finish. The roof looks really nice, and it is even guaranteed for the work that they did. I hope I never need my roof fixed again, but I know who to call if I do.