Best Deals on LED Lights

E14 6W LED Corn Light-LED Light Bulb-New Led LightingI am hoping to make the switch to led lights in the near future, because they are more environmentally friendly, and I kind of have a little bit of an obsession with efficiency. I try to buy the most energy efficienct devices and appliances that I can. I have had some fairly efficient light bulbs in my house for a number years, but I have seen that LED lights are coming out at this point in time that produce sufficient amounts of lumens in order to be used in residential applications as a replacement for various types of incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs.

However, I am still kind of worried about the cost of the light bulbs, and as such, I am going to have to figure out what the best prices and deals available on LED light bulbs are, and where they can be found. I always try to find the best available deals on everything I buy. However, I still want to make sure that I am getting a quality product. I know that certain types of LED bulbs are guaranteed to last for a certain number of years, and I am interested in getting some bulbs that have a similar sort of guarantee that comes with them. In fact, I want like an actual money-back guarantee that does not have loopholes or whatever written into it. That would make me feel most comfortable, because I will expect the light bulbs I end up buying to perform as stated on the packaging material. I guess that I need to start looking for deals on bulbs, so that I will be able to go ahead and order some at some point later today. I want to get the bulbs shipped to my house as soon as possible, so I can go ahead and make the switch.