Best Health Care Providers in Westchester NY

Westchester County Center White Plains New York TheatreI just moved to Westchester, New York, and I need to find a doctor pretty soon. I have not been to a doctor in awhile, and I have a few health concerns that I would like to get taken care of. I wish that I did not have to go to the doctor, because they kind of freak me out, but that is just some sort of paranoia that I have. I need to go, and before I can do so, I will need to find a doctor in westchester ny that accepts my current health insurance plan.

I am off of work for the next few days, so it would be really swell if I could get a doctor appointment for some time in that time frame, but I kind of doubt that it will happen. I guess I should try to be more positive, as it does not do me much good to be negative. I am going to start to look for physicians in the area. I really should have gone to the doctor sooner, because I have something that is wrong with my neck, and it does not seem to be getting any better.

I am worried that I have something along the lines of a bulging disk, or a herniated disk, but I do not really know enough about medicine, or conditions like that, to be able to tell the difference. I do know that it hurts, and it is very uncomfortable. I hope that this is the sort of condition that has a chance of going away on its own, as I am kind of nervous about what other treatment options might entail for the condition. I suppose that I should just try not to think about it, and worry about getting an appointment scheduled instead.