Bet on the Home Team

A friend of mine likes to make bets on sporting events all the time. He doesn’t even win most of the time, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it. It’s a wonder that he hasn’t become completely bankrupt by now. He urged me to make some bets too, saying that I could probably make a lot of money from some of the games. I wouldn’t consider myself a lucky person, and I don’t know sports stats well enough to make good bets, so I used betting tips to help me decide which teams I should choose.

I watch more baseball than any other sport, so I made a bet for an upcoming home team game. The home team had been on a bit of a losing streak lately, but I had a feeling that they would win the next game, so I bet on them to win. My friend thought I was crazy because he was sure that the team would lose the game. He bet twice the amount as I did for the team to lose. Even though the losing streak looked as if it would keep going for a while, it just seemed like the right time to me for the team to win.

Midway through the baseball game, the home team was behind by 5 points. I was starting to regret making that bet, and my friend was already starting to gloat. In the last inning, the home team did a miraculous turn around. They scored two grand slams, putting them in the lead. My friend and I were shocked to see what happened, and so was everyone else in the baseball stadium. The home team won the game and I was pleased with my winnings, while my friend was sad because of all the money he lost.