Divorce Doesn’t Need to Ruin Your Life

Divorce is never easy, because it is the end of something that you had so many hopes and dreams for. I know that was definitively the case with my marriage. I went into my marriage wanting it to last forever. I wanted to be that old couple that grow old on the porch together. But as they say you can only control yourself, not others. So when I needed to find a good lawyer to protect me I went online and did as internet search for divorce lawyer in saratoga ny . I had originally thought of just talking out together and not worry with a attorney, but my friend told me she and her ex-husband tried that and it did not work for them at all. I was so devastated when I found out that my husband wanted a divorce because he wanted to be with someone else. I was so betrayed and blindsided. That got to wake up and realize he could not be trusted. If you don’t have trust in a marriage, than you have nothing. I knew I need to find a lawyer to protect me.When I found your website I was able to get the information I needed. I was able to meet with a divorce attorney that would be perfect for my specific situation. I was in such a horrible state that I didn’t know where to start on most things. But thanks to the great attorney I was able to remove myself from the emotional side of divorce. I was able to be clear about what I expected in the divorce and what I wanted from a reasonable settlement. It helped me to get a clear head about the situation. I know it was a devastating loss, but I do plan on going forward with life and even love some day.