Finding a New Girlfriend in Perth

I am sort of new in Perth. In fact I am here working in the local music industry. In the past I have been in several bands, mostly in the United States, but then I caught on with some friends I met from Australia and moved back here with them. I stayed on after the band broke up. I like it here, but my girlfriend moved back to South Carolina about three months ago and I am getting a bit lonely. I do not really know much about singles dating in perth and so I am thinking about trying something online. Of course I am a bit worse for wear. I am 39 now and my hairline has gone backwards as my beer belly has grown forward. My lifestyle is going to have to change a little if I want to make myself attractive to the ladies here I believe. All of them seem to be in perfect physical condition. Obviously I could lose about 15 or 20 lbs personally.

I have started working out, doing more than just lugging around that old bass guitar. I still make my living with it and as an engineer, but I no longer live the rock and roll lifestyle quite so much. At my age it has grown a little bit old and I am looking for a more settled type of relationship than those which I have had in the past. It would be nice to find a woman who was able to put up with me a bit better than some of the ones that I have dated in the past, but it seems more likely that I should make it so it is a lot easier for a woman to live with me. It is going to be much easier when you stay in the same place longer than a night.