Found a Magic Wand in My Closet

I have started to move in with my girlfriend, just doing it slowly right now. She has a nice little house that used to belong to her grandfather before he moved to a retirement community in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. So far I am just moving the stuff that I need to do the daily routine and a lot of my stuff is not going to make it over there. While I was packing up I found one of those magic wand massager things. I guess that it must have belonged to the girl I used to live with when I got out of college. It was sort of hidden in the closet and there was not any way to find it without cleaning up all of the random stuff I had in there. I showed it to Anna and she laughed. When I asked her if she wanted it, she said that she had one that was pretty similar to that one. Of course you know that Hitachi claims that their Magic Wand massager is for the massaging of the back and so forth, but everything I have heard is about using them to stimulate pleasure. I have nothing against that, although I do wonder if women do that as much as men do. I would guess that most all males masturbate once they reach puberty. I have no idea how many women do, but I would guess that you could probably figure out a percentage if you did enough research. It is not that difficult to figure out that there are a lot of things which are sold which have no other purpose. Obviously you do not really need an expensive toy to do the job and you can improvise if you really needed to do that. However if you knew how many of these devices were sold you could make an estimate.