Getting Ready to Move to Houston

I have started to plan the move and I am hoping that it is going to be pretty painless when I pack up. I have been looking for a place near my new job in Houston, but of course that is one of the big cities in the world from a geographic view. It is just an enormous metro area and it looks like it is going to be pretty hard to find a good location. I have been doing research at a couple of website that list information about the area. Of course I did not know that they let you pick your own power company in Texas. It is not something that matters around here. At the moment I have been living in this little town in Georgia about an hour North of Atlanta. If you want to get Electricity here you call up Georgia Power, which is Duke Energy in North Carolina where I used to live. Of course they are both controlled by the same massive corporation.

At any rate I am going to start packing up in the morning and I am going to be on the road by this time next week. Of course I still have to work on where I am going to stay, but in the short term the company is going to pay for one of those extended stay hotel places. It is sort of like a condo, but obviously it is intended to be something you do when you are in the type of situation I have found myself in. It is going to be a place where I can stay for a month or so until I find some other place that it a lot more permanent. Of course I am hoping that I end up finding a good deal.