Helping Those Who Fought for Our Freedom

When I started looking at the history of wrestling, I came across Jim Crockett promotions. I know most might not know who this is, but the wrestlers who fought under the Crockett brand name were actually the pioneers of wrestling. Without them, wrestling would not be what it is today. However, when I first started looking at their site, I was impressed with what they are doing now since they are no longer in the wrestling business. They have taken on a very worthwhile cause, which is helping veterans who need help after coming home from a deployment.

I know a lot of folks think that soldiers coming home are okay to resume their normal lives. What they don’t understand is that they have lived a different kind of lifestyle while they were gone. It is not fun and games for them. They are fighting for our freedom as well as the freedom of our allies, and they often see things that are too horrible for words. Sometimes they cannot even talk about it because it is just too horrific to relive. That doesn’t mean that they don’t relive it in their minds though.

PTSD is hard to understand too, because certain things can trigger it that might not make any sense to the rest of us. It could be a certain noise, a song, hearing a town’s name, or a million other things. There are therapy dogs that help with PTSD. They are trained to know how to help when something triggers an attack, and they can even foresee some of the triggers. This former wrestling foundation now helps soldiers who suffer from PTSD by buying them therapy dogs. They also buy other things for soldiers who prefer another type of therapy. How can you not want to help an organization that helps the very people who fought for our country’s freedom?