How We All Got Together to Get New Concrete Sidewalks on Our Block

I liked how we coordinated on our block for all of us to get new sidewalks at the same time. We just started talking as neighbors about cutting down a couple of trees that have gotten too big, replacing them with smaller trees and doing something about our sidewalks. We all wanted a wider sidewalk and for it to look uniform along the whole block. I called a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to see how they could work out putting in new sidewalks along the entire block and billing us individually.

We all agreed to a time when we could afford to get the work done. It worked out for me as the organizer as everyone else was ready, and I was the one holding up the project. We had not budgeted for a new sidewalk until spring. The first thing we had done was the removal of the three big trees that had roots that heaved the sidewalk. One of those trees was on out property. It was not cheap to have it cut down and the stump completely removed. They even had to pull up the heaved section of sidewalk and put in gravel as a temporary surface.

It was late spring when the concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY came and redid the sidewalk on our street. It was made to a uniform width of six feet all the way down the street. Front yards were dug up a bit and reshaped to make room for the wider sidewalk, but it all looks great now that the grass has regrown and the new trees have been planted to line the curb. These trees are much smaller and planted in containment systems to prevent them from heaving the new concrete sidewalk. Our street has never looked this good since my parent’s built this place before I was born.