I Absolutely Had to Have This Car

My dream vehicle is a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo. Actually, anything from that car company is a dream vehicle, but I love the Gallardo because I think it’s one of the finest cars they have ever made. Is it expensive? Sure it is. It’s a super car. But it’s also wicked fast and looks great moving down the road. The only problem I had was finding one that I could make a deal on. Everyone who owned one wanted an arm and a leg for it, way above what it was worth, and I am not stupid enough to make that deal.

Recently I sold a couple of other vehicles I’ve owned for the past few years and decided I needed to make a serious effort to replace them with this car. I was bound and determined to find one in as mint condition as possible and finally make an offer. I kept wondering if I could find one in great condition with as many original parts as possible. I can’t stand it when someone buys a car this nice and then uses substandard parts when they’re getting it fixed. I figured it wouldn’t be easy to find one that meets these conditions.

I was amazed that I pulled it off. The person I bought the car from is actually in the business of selling vehicles from this company and he had one put in storage as sort of a trophy. The only time it was ever driven was from the lot into a storage facility nearby. It has all the original parts as well as that new car smell we all love whether it’s in a super car or a budget vehicle. I can’t believe my good luck and I can’t wait to take this car to a private track to see what it can do!