I Found a Place on the Lake

Of course I have been expecting to be moved in some place by now, but nothing ever worked out the way that I had hoped that it would. For close to a month I have had all of my belongs in a really nice self storage for Orillia. At any rate I have been able to find a rental house on the shore of Lake Simcoe and it is a really nice place for what I am paying. The guy who rented it to me is an avid fisherman who uses it on the weekends. He mostly wants me to look after the place and there is not any real reason the two of us can not both have what we want it would seem to me. He is going to go on doing what he had been doing. He will come up here on the weekends and fish. In fact I am not going to be here most weekends.

I am going back to Toronto every Friday evening. I stay with Becky until Monday morning and then I get up early and drive to work from her place. It is too far a trip for every day of the week, but for one day a week it is a not a big deal. I have already done some fishing in this lake. One of the guys I work with is a neighbor to this man and he set it up. They have some pretty nice lake trout here and I caught one that was close to thirty pounds. That filled up my freezer after I cleaned it and I have been eating on it for weeks already. In fact I have been giving the meat away when I have the chance and it is a shame that Becky does not like fish.