I Gave Her a Maid As a Baby Gift

When my sister had twins, she felt extremely overwhelmed. She already had two other children under the age of four years, and the twins were an unexpected treat. While she loves all of her children, she just did not have the energy or time to take care of everything. Rather than get her a traditional baby gift, I got her something better. I have a maid that comes in once a week at my condo, and she handles things that I just don’t have time for. I went to http://www.fcmaidagency.com.sg to see if the same agency had a maid that would help my sister out.

She was keeping her house clean because there is not a lot of clutter in the first place, but she was not able to do the deep cleaning with taking care of four children not yet in school. Her husband puts in long hours at work, so he was not able to help much either. I knew that hiring a maid for her that would come in at least twice a week would be the best gift she could receive.

While she would still take care of things like the dishes and wiping off counters, the maid that I had contracted for her took care of the bigger things like cleaning all three bathrooms, cleaning the windows and walls, and even some of the smaller things like vacuuming and dusting. My sister loved having this, and she told me that she finally feels like she has things under control. She thinks the maid service is just for one year, but I am going to continue it for as long as she needs it. Her attention needs to be on the kids, not on keeping her house clean, and she will be the first to agree with me on that.