I Guess I Need to Get My Back Looked at Again

I guess I need to get my back looked at again. The doctor I say told me that perhaps I could go see a chiropractor and that may or may not help me. I was looking at this place, http://www.winterparkchiropracticoffice.com which is close to where we are going to be staying before the next show. If I were a real rock star like the Edge or Bono this would not have happened, but of course we take turns driving the van and when we get to the show we are all back behind the cargo van unloading it. This happened out behind a little club in Columbia SC, about a block and a half away from the campus of USC (University of South Carolina obviously). Jack and I were taking some amps in this place and I slipped in some kitchen grease. Apparently there was some sort of restaurant beside this club and they had spilled some of the grease from their friers on the parking lot.

At any rate I twisted my back slipping, mostly because I did not want to drop that amp. If you break the vacuum tubes in one of those amps it is a huge pain. In fact you might never be able to get that amp to sound the same again. Apparently none of the vacuum tubes are exactly the same and they go through a lot of effort to make them right. Then I believe that they make alterations to fit the tubes that they put in the amp. At least if you get a really good amp, that is how it is. We must have tried out dozens of amps before we picked this one. It is the stage monitor that sits in front of me while I am playing, so it is vital to me.