I Hope to Give My Daughter the Memories That I Grew Up with

When I was a little girl, my mom handed me a beautiful, tiny, gold box on Christmas morning. Inside was a ring with my birthstone! I was so pleased and touched by it, even though I was only 13 years old, and most kids at that age are not really touched by things. My mom explained that every month has a birthstone. Now that I have a 13 year old daughter, I wanted to do the same for her with aquamarine gemstones in a ring that she too could cherish and keep all her life. I was very careful with mine, and even though I’m 50 years old now, I still have and wear the one my own mother got me long ago.

Carrying on traditions has been a way for me to cope with the passing on of my different family members. When my grandpa died, I carried on making some of the baked goods that he made. When my grandma died, I made some of the yummy dinner meals that she made whenever I came to visit. And when it comes to my mom, I carry on her love by making some of her favorite recipes and doing special things on holidays and birthdays that mom did for me.

I am hoping that, when I am one day no longer around, my daughter will remember fondly some of the traditions that I have carried on. She doesn’t even have to carry them out if she does not want to, I just hope to create the seed of memories that will give her solace one day when she needs it. We are very close, just as my mother and I were once very close, too. It’s her strength that carries me through life, and I want to do that for my child, too.