I Needed to Get New Tyres

After my divorce, I had to learn to do a lot of things that I had never done before. My ex had always taken care of the lawn, so I had to learn how to mow the grass. He had also always taken care of the insurance options, so I had to learn about the different kinds so I could make my own choices. Taking care of the car was something else he always did, so I was on my own when I needed new tyres for my car. I looked at a tyre shop in Dandenong because it came highly recommended by my new neighbor.

He told me that is where he gets tyres for his car as well as his wife’s van, so that was a good enough recommendation for me. If he trusted them to take care of the tyres on his wife’s vehicle, they had to be good. My next concern was that they would get one over on me just because I am a female. I had heard that there are auto places that do that since women tend to not know as much as men when it comes to automobile things.

My neighbor assured me that they would never do that at Grand Tyres. He said they are not only competent but they are also very honest. He said that they would help me get the tyres that are best for my needs, whether they are the most expensive in the shop or the cheapest in there. i figured I could not go wrong with that, so I called and made an appointment. My neighbor was absolutely right about all he had told me. The entire crew there was nice and professional, and I drove out of there with four new tyres without it putting a huge dent in my savings!