I Started My Band with My Casino Luck

I have always wanted to start a band but I didn’t have the money to afford new gear and my 9 to 5 job was ending soon so my dream of having a band wouldn’t happen. One of my closest friends suggested that I try online gambling because he had been having much success with it. I didn’t have the funds to buy the new band gear so I sure didn’t have it to gamble away at an online casino. He gave me one of his all no deposit casino codes to start out with and that started my online gambling. He assured me that I could start out by spending no money at all and win big. I was very skeptical but I gave it a chance I really had nothing to lose. I had never been to a casino before so all the games were very new to me I had to learn from the ground up how to play. I started out on an easy video poker style game and I hit. I had never won anything in my life before so that was a huge rush. As I got the hang of the game my balance started adding up fast and I was well on my way to getting the money I needed to purchase the band equipment. With my earnings from the video poker game I tried my hand at blackjack and I made a huge score. Let’s just say I was able to start my band and get all the best equipment for us and I have a new hobby in online gambling. I don’t win all the time but the odds are defiantly in my favor. I don’t miss my 9 to 5 and I’m able to do something that I enjoy and make money at it. Mostly everyone in the band tries their luck at the online casinos now.