I Suddenly Learned I Was Famous While Riding in a Toronto Limo

If you make music, and if you are good enough to do it for a living, you will sooner or later get to ride in a limo. I remember our first big gig. By big, I mean over 200 people in attendance. The small places we played may get about a hundred people or a little more. Then we played at some places that were around 200 people. The next jump was into the thousands, and that was kind of exciting and scary at the same time. It was also the first time a toronto limo company picked us up to take us to the place we were playing.

I walked out the door of the hotel and fully expected to see the promoter’s kid or uncle there with a minivan or something to take us to the concert. Instead, it was a really nice limousine just for us. We showed up and there was a crowd out front of our fans. It was really great. They came up to the car, and the driver advised us to leave the windows up. When we got around back where we were going to get out, two big security guards were there. I actually knew one of them, and he said, “Welcome to the big league my friend.” It was all kind of surreal like everything was happening in slow motion. The limo ride will never be forgotten. It was a turning point in our band’s career.

There was no looking back after that. When I relax and recall the moment, I can still hear the sound of the leather seats of the limo as I climbed in. The car looked brand new. There was ice cold bottled water there, and they even had that fancy water from France. I was used to bringing and providing everything for me and my band when we had a gig. This one was different. I can still see the familiar buildings of my neighborhood as we took that limo ride, and how everything seemed to look different the closer we got to that concert hall. When we emerged from that rented limousine, we were no longer that garage band I started in my teens.