I Think Every House Where It Gets Chilly Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Towel Radiator

My grandmother has issues with iron-deficiency anemia that she gets treated for off and on. She feels cold even on nice days even when her iron levels are near or at normal. We did things to help her feel warmer in her cottage home. We fully insulated it and replaced the furnace. In the bathroom I had one of those infrared lights added that really can heat you up when you stand under it. They are great after bathing. I also had a 350mm wide towel radiator installed. The hot water flowing through it adds heat to the room and makes the towels add heat to your body rather than stripping it away.

You will find these in better hotels and in spas. Heated towels are a popular comfort item. They feel so good. It is like putting on a warm sweatshirt just out of the clothes dryer on a chilly day. The extra heat feels great. My grandmother did not think she would use the 350mm wide towel radiator I had installed in her bathroom, but she told me that she uses it every day. She lets it run to keep the bathroom warmer, and she always has her bath towel on it ready for her daily shower or bath.

She has one of those walk-in tubs. Those are neat, but you have to wait until it drains before you can open the door to get out. Fortunately, she got one that drains quickly. Still, you are there for a couple of minutes just sitting in the ambient air of your bathroom with wet skin. The warm towel after her bath really helps. We have a towel warmer at our house too. I use it every day except for the hottest days of summer. I put my terrycloth bathrobe over it too to warm it up.