Making the New Album in Wyoming

I can not really talk about where I am or who I am working with. This is not exactly top secret, but it is supposed to be under the radar. The guys have found themselves a great big piece of Cody Wyoming real estate and they put a recording studio in the place. This was apparently a hunting lodge and it is seated on a ridge above a beautiful valley. We are working to start on the music, but they have not really written much yet and that is where they are right at the moment. That is why they are up here I am thinking. Down in the real world they have all sorts of people competing for their time and energy. There are a lot of distractions and it takes a lot of work to make a good album. You can not usually just whip out stuff like it is not a problem.

Of course the next album is of absolutely vital importance to these guys. They need a big record, it has to take them to the next level. Right now they are known in a big part of the country among people who have seen them play live in bars and on college campuses and that sort of thing. They have a presence on the internet like all of the bands that mean anything do. There are a number of college radio stations that play their music, but in just the places where we have been touring for the past few years. The record label is going to make them mortgage their souls to put this disc out on the store shelves and then they will do almost nothing to promote it. That will be my job and the job will involve a big rock and roll tour.