Mirrors Are Your Best Friend for Small-scale Decorating

I bought an apartment that I absolutely adore. It is a bit small though, so I knew that I needed to be very careful with the way that I chose to decorate it after I first moved in. If you do not do it just right, you can easily overwhelm the small rooms, causing it to seem claustrophobic and even smaller than they already are. I looked around for someone who could make custom mirrors in Brooklyn to help me with my plans.

First, when you open the door to my place, you walk down a very narrow and dark hallway to get to the rest of the place. Because I am a renter, I cannot have light fixtures installed in the ceiling to help light the room up. There are no windows in the hallway either. There is a small alcove on one of the walls meant to be a spot where you throw your keys and wallet when you come home, so I played a very small lamp there. That helped a little bit. But I knew that mirrors placed just right on the wall would help reflect that little bit of light and really brighten it up and make it look more spacious.

The mirror installer came by my place and I explained that I needed to be able to install mirrors on the wall in a way that would not harm the walls. In other words, the work needed to temporary, not permanent. He measured the room and then explained that I had enough space so that he could install lights behind the mirrors so that they light would whine out from the sides of the mirrors. He could run an electric cord that would power all the lights along the bottom baseboard so that the lights were not permanent either. I had him do the work, and the hallway now looks fantastic and much larger than it really is.