My Family Will Be Together Again in One State Soon

When I was pretty young, most of my family members all lived near one another in Virginia. I remember it being a happy childhood. At some point, my dad needed to move for work and that took us far away from family. But now that has changed, and I’m looking through Manassas Park apartments to find one of my own now that I’m an adult. This means that we are all going back to our home state. My parents miss living near family, and I do, too. As much as I love all of my relatives, I really do need a place of my own, and my parents want their own place, too. They will come out there after I have settled in.

My grandparents are getting up there in years, and I don’t want to regret not spending more time with them. I began talking about this a lot with my mom and dad, and they agree. Dad has been working 15 years with a company, and he felt that he had hit a ceiling in the company and could not move up any higher. He was ready for a change. My mom is a secretary and feels that she can get a job anywhere. I feel the same way that my mom does because I am a hairstylist, and there’s a need for the service that I offer anywhere I go.

I have been really careful with saving my money, so I had quite a lot of money that set up to find a place in another state without any trouble. I will be getting a two bedroom apartment. I told my parents that they are welcome to come stay with me at my place after I move in and they can stay in the second bedroom until they can get on their own two feet. Later on, I will use the second bedroom as an office.