My Mom and Her “Dish Cable”

My mom has been calling it Dish cable. Kind of a funny term if you ask me. She has had their service for about two years now and was looking forward to switching to what we have. She likes our on-screen guide and the On-Demand better on our system. Mom is a movie buff. She uses some of her entertainment dollars to go to the movies and to watch PPV on TV. During the winter months when the weather keeps her from getting out for a few days at a time she will sit on the couch with her little dog and watch new and old movies.

She had been telling me that she was wanting to switch from her Dish cable to the satellite service we have. I told her that it would be best to just wait the couple of months she had to go on her contract with her provider and then switch satellite service without penalty. When it came time to switch she got a great deal on a monthly rate and installation for the three TVs in her house. Yes, it is just mom and her dog but she has a TV in the living room, one in her bedroom and one in the kitchen. She likes to watch the news with breakfast.

She is very happy to now have the same satellite provider in her house that we have. She is recording many hours of DVR programming to watch this winter. She said that she expects it to be a cold one but even if it isn’t, she can’t resist recording old and new favorites to watch at her leisure. With the big hard drive on the DVR she can record a whole lot of movies and TV shows to keep her entertained year round.