My Son Needed Physics Tutoring

My son was having trouble learning physics. This confused me because science had been coming so easily for him, so I talked with his teacher. As soon as I did, I learned what the problem was. There were just too many students in the class, and specialized attention could not be given to each student if they were falling behind. His teacher tried, but she was struggling to keep everyone together in the lessons too. She did suggest that I could look into A level physics tuition to see if that was an option for our family.

She told me that my son definitely had potential but that he would do better with some individual instruction. While she wanted to do this for him, she just could not slow down the rest of the class to help my son and a few others who were having trouble with some things they were learning. I completely understood her point because I would not want my son’s other teachers to slow down his learning just because a few other students were having trouble. It would not be fair to the rest of the class.

I was glad she gave me the information about the tutor, and I looked into it immediately. I saw where the lessons would be in the evening, which helps since he has no scheduled activities then. I also liked the group sizes, meaning my son would get all the individual help that he would need to finally excel in a subject that was very elusive to him. I was able to make the arrangements quickly, and it did not take long before my son was understanding things that were just not understood before. He is no longer being tutored, and he is often ahead of the class now that he understands so much more.