My Spouse Was Right About What I Needed to Do

In the far past, I have not really given much thought to how long I had been smoking. Then I watch the news story one night, and it mentioned that most people don’t do that. So I took a moment to think about the fact that I had been smoking for 40 years. The program went on to give a Smoke Free in One Hour review and I listened carefully to what they had to say. Actually thinking about the fact that I had been smoking for more than half of my life was horrifying. The program sounded interesting, but I was thinking that I would try to quit on my own again. I had tried on my own before, and I was thinking this next time would stick.

I told my wife and my kids that I was going to quit again. My wife was supportive, but she also rolled her eyes at me. She asked what I was going to do differently this time, and I answered that I was just going to stop cold turkey like I had before. She briefly said something about hoping that it worked and I really should try something different that might actually work. I ignored her and threw the rest of the cigarettes in my pack out. I had a lot of faith in myself that it would work for once.

The next morning, I got up and immediately thought about smoking as I did every morning. I think I was okay for all of about 10 minutes before I panicked and told my cigarettes out of the garbage. Yes, I really did that. I knew then that my wife was right. I had to try something different. So thinking about the one-hour program that I heard about the night before, I got online and purchased it. It worked. Nothing else I had ever tried before worked, but this program did.