Promo Codes for Switching to Boost Mobile

I am going to be switching to Boost Mobile at some point in the near future, because I think that they offer pretty good plans, and additionally, they have cheap unlimited plans for texting, data, and phone. I really like to have unlimited amounts of all of those things, because I tend to use my phone a lot on a daily basis. I am not very happy with my current phone provider and I need to switch in the near future. As such, I am currently looking for a boost mobile coupon that will help me save some money when I switch to using Boost Mobile as opposed to my current phone service provider.

I hope to make the switch soon, because my current contract with my phone service provider is about to switch and therefore, I will be free to switch to a new provider within the next couple of days. I am really happy to be out of a contract, and the main reason that I am going to start using this new company is because they do not make you sign any sort of contact and instead you are able to purchase their plans on a month to month basis, as opposed to like two years at a time. I much prefer to not be stuck in a contract, because it can really be a disadvantage if prices of other services decrease substantially during the course of your contract, which has happened to me before in my life. I need to find out if the phone that I currently own will be compatible with the Boost Mobile network, or if I will need to buy a new phone to use their services. I hope that the former will be true, but it will still be worth it to switch either way.