Put Some Effort into Choosing the Best Massage Chair

Chair massages are a big hit among those who have never had a traditional massage. Some folks are a little nervous about lying down for a table type massage so a chair massage helps to ease those concerns. Some of the most tense muscle groups are around the neck and shoulder area anyway making chair massages an easy way for those who are working as a masseuse to earn extra money easily. It then is just a matter of finding the best air mattress to work with.

Portable models are great for those who go to client homes and offices. Some models obviously would be better for a fixed location. They would be best for customers who come to your place of business. If you do get a portable model, make sure it will fit in the vehicle you use for traveling to clients. Then there is choosing the best massage chair to use when no special chair is available. This makes it a little more difficult to provide the best chair massage.

The masseuse needs to have access to the upper back, shoulder and neck area. Most chair massages are provided directly through clothing. The whole purpose of chair massages is twofold. The first is convenience for the client with no disrobing necessary. The second is comfort for those who cannot see themselves on a table with only a towel covering them. This actually makes it easier to see more clients in a day, and that ups profits. However, if the chair is not comfortable or conducive to providing a good massage, you might not get repeat business.

If you do not yet own a portable or fixed massage chair, be sure to use a towel or pillow in order to help get the clients head and back aligned for a good massage. Always be sure to ask them to do whatever is necessary to maintain comfort since the goal is relaxation and easing muscle tension.