Red Roses for My Cousin

When my cousin was involved in an accident not long ago, we all thought she was going to recover fully. Her injuries proved to be too severe though, and she died nearly three weeks after the accident. We were all taken aback by it, because this was a girl who was larger than life in so many ways. I knew that I needed to find a florist to deliver funeral flowers in Melbourne, which is where her funeral was held. I had never ordered any before, but I had to get something special for her sendoff to Heaven.

I was still in shock, so I was relieved when the funeral director told us of several florists who would be able to make a delivery to the funeral home on the day of her funeral. I looked at each website that he gave me, and I was most impressed with the selection from FloraLaura. There were so many different options there, and I thought it would be hard to choose one until I saw the 12 white roses in the basket. Those were not the ones that I wanted to get, though they are responsible for the ones that I ordered.

She loved roses, so I clicked on the basket of 12 white roses. As soon as I did that, I was near tears when I saw another basket on that page that had 20 red roses arranged in it. It was much fuller, and it was also her favorite color. I knew that most people would send soft colors, but not me. I ordered those 20 red roses, and they stood out over all the others by her coffin. Everyone commented on them too, saying how they are perfect for her. I miss her so much, and I made sure I put several of those roses in her coffin before they closed it. The rest are with me right now, which is just where she would want them.