Saving Money and Having Adventures

I checked out the website for Texas energy companies and found a better pricing plan for my home. The money I saved allowed me to get something that I always wanted to get since I was a kid. Ever since I saw a movie about a family that goes camping in the woods, I always wanted to have my own RV. I wanted to drive it around to some far off camp site, and then just have a good time in the woods, hiking and fishing at a nearby lake. I bought an RV and some camping equipment and set out to go camping one weekend.

I drove to a remote area where there was a small lake so that I could fish too. I set up camp and unloaded my canoe and got into the lake. The first few hours of fishing were a little slow, but after a while things picked up. The fish were practically hopping out of the water to get onto my hook. I caught 10 fish that day. After fishing, I gathered some fire wood and make a big fire. I scaled the fish and cooked them over the fire. Rather than using a pan, I skewered the fish and rotated them like a rotisserie. The fish were so tasty and flavorful.

After my fish meal, I slept by the fire and in the morning, I loaded everything back into the RV and got on the road. Rather than going home, I decided to have a little more fun. I got on the open road and drove around. I went across the state line and explored the area. There was a diner in the middle of nowhere, and I was hungry, so I went in. They had some of the best pancakes and sausage I had ever eaten.