Saving Your Loved Ones from Guilt

One of my most intense fears is growing older. The idea that there will come a day where I am weak or addle minded enough because of my age that I will have to find some sort of senior living sends shivers down my spine. I do not wish to ever become a burden upon my family. I don’t want them to have to make such a difficult choice as it will be when they have to decide what should be done with me. I’ve already begun to look into senior in home care in nassau county ny as a possible solution to this inevitable problem while creating a savings account to be converted over to an IRA within ten years just to ensure that there will be no financial obligations or burdens on the part of my family when the time comes. I want to take away that choice from them because I know just how difficult of a choice that can be.

My mother and I had to do the same for my grandmother when I was younger. My mother was nearly incapable of making that decision for her and since my grandmother had a severe case of dementia, it was all the harder because she was unable to make the decision for herself. It’s one of those moments that fill you with guilt knowing that you are sending this person away not because you want to but because you have to. Whether it is because of financial reasons or otherwise, it’s one that is not made lightly. I saw my mother at her weakest during this time, I saw how she wept and knew that I as going to have to take that decision away from her in order to save her from the guilt that would cripple her had she done it herself.