Sometimes a Novice Can Win

One of my friends always goes on and on about how he’s the best golfer in the area, and that no one would be able to beat him. I used to be able to tolerate his boasting, but one day I just became tired of it, and decided to shut him up once and for all. I told him that I could be him at any time and any place, and then he challenged me to a game. Despite having never played golf, I agreed to the challenge, and started looking for the best sand wedge, driver, and more so that I could have a chance at winning.

In hindsight, I was a fool to agree to the challenge. I had no idea if I could even beat my friend, and the odds were definitely against me. I knew that if I lost to him, I would never hear the end of his bragging, and it would only get worse, because he would constantly hang it over my head that he beat me. I talked to every golfer I could find to get some help. They showed me some basic swings, gave me some tips about which clubs to use in which hole, and how to account for things like wind speed and direction. I even started watching the golf channel.

The day of the challenge finally came and I was as nervous as ever. It wasn’t even that hot outside and I was already sweating bullets. I let my friend take the first swing. He was so sure that he had the game in the bag, but on that first hole, he made a mistake and knocked his ball so far away that I actually had a fighting chance. I slowly made my way through each hole until I sank a put on the last one and won the game.