Started on the New Site Today

I got to Malaysia about a week ago, but to be honest I have sort of been goofing off and enjoying the local culture for the most part. I got a car rental from this place here or it was called something like Big Thumb car rental agency I think. At any rate there is a ton of stuff to do around here and my stuff was not here, so there was not much I could do until the air line people located it and got it sent ahead. It seems like they put my gear on a plane to Kuala Lumpur instead of Penang and without the instruments it is not as though I am going to be able to make the site survey. I probably could have improvised in some way to get some of it done, but I was not really all that worried about it. I knew that there were a lot of things to do around here and since I had a good excuse to put the work off I just did that.

Of course I kept expecting my stuff to show up and I was sitting on the beach yelling at the people who were supposed to find it, although I could not say that I was throwing a real tantrum about it. Apparently I must have come here during the peak season for college girls or something. Of course I picked out a nice hotel at a reasonable price and it was on the beach. It just turned out that it was apparently really popular with college aged girls in swim suits. It was pretty hard for me to get worked up about not being able to survey the site while I was surrounded by them all. I chatted with a few of them too.