Started Planning the New Homestead

We have all of the money issues sorted out, thanks in part to some help from the father in law. I had the land from before I even got married, it is one and three quarter acres on the slope of a nice hill and I am going to build the house into the hill. The hill faces South and I am going to try to get as much free solar benefit as I can, while also putting the house under the ground enough so the ground insulates it. I already have an adt alarm system with the house that we are using now, but I am going to put in some smart house features in this one. Pretty much the same way that you can open your garage door with your smart phone now, you will be able to get into this house by simply entering a four digit code and it will not matter if you forgot your key.

There will probably be a driveway alarm at some point. I was think about putting in a little drawbridge just to be cut though, but that would cost a lot of money and who really wants to dig a moat. It was a cool idea though, to fix it up so that there was a little body of water to cross before you could come up the driveway. I was not sure exactly how to execute the drawbridge idea or if this was something that you could do at anything like a reasonable price or at 100 percent reliability. You could really outsmart yourself trying to do something that you thought was really cool, but which you might not be able to pull off. If you do this and it works around ninety seven percent of the time, you failed.