TC Group

TC Group is a holding company of six individual companies consisting of Tannoy Group, Lab.Gruppen, TC Electronic Group, TC-Helicon, TC Applied Technologies and White Acoustics. The TC Group was formed in early 2002, when the ‘old’ TC Group of companies merged with Tgi plc. The merger was completed to create a Group with the necessary expertise and market access to take advantage of the trend towards convergence of digital and acoustic technologies in the audio industry.

The goal is to design, produce and distribute the best engineered and most recognized and respected brands of high-performance audio products in the world. We want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, based upon our strong brands and a high-end profile, gaining advantages by providing integrated digital technologies that improve fidelity as well as functionality of the products offered.
In the long term, TC Group is aiming at being a leading player, also in the global speaker-audio industry.

TC-Helicon is focused on the mission to revolutionize the vocal channel by providing innovative tools and solutions for people who create and work with the speaking and singing voice. The customers include the most demanding of live performers, studios, producers, broadcasters and recording engineers.
The range of products spans from rack products such as the high end VoicePro and VoiceWorksPlus aimed at studio applications, and the VoiceDoubler for live vocal overdubbing, to the VoiceLive floor processor, the VoiceTone pedals and the VoiceSolo personal monitors for performing musicians. In addition to this, TC-Helicon supplies plug-ins for the PowerCore and ProTools platforms enabling renowned Harmony, Voice Modeling and doubling processing in native systems.

TC Applied Technologies focuses primarily on the development and delivery of IEEE1394 (Firewire) semiconductors and supporting A/V networking technologies for the Professional and Consumer Electronics sectors. The DICE™ family of semiconductors is a complete line of single chip solutions for audio networking and routing using the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) standard. In addition, TC Applied Technologies is the licensing arm of TC Group, and has thus an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge intellectual property available for licensing which includes a host of audio DSP algorithms, digital amplification and audio jitter attenuation technology.

Lab.Gruppen is recognized as one of the top-end suppliers of professional amplifiers for PA/Touring and the Permanent Installation. The fP+-range represents a new level of power and channel density, flexibility and value in tour sound power. With Lab.gruppen’s renowned reliability, Class TD amp technology, and real-time monitoring and control, FP+ Series gives professionals everything they need to overcome the tough demands of today’s touring environment. The hallmark tour-honed design philosophies are also available tailor-made for the fixed installation market. The C Series couple space saving power-to-size, channel density, superb sound quality and continuous reliability, with a comprehensive six-year warranty to provide an unprecedented value and performance proposition.

Tannoy is one of the longest established audio companies in the world, having been in ‘the business’ for more than 75 years. Tannoy’s expertise in sound reproduction is world-renowned and they offer a comprehensive range of products suitable for all aspects of the install business. Their vast loudspeaker and amplifier portfolio caters for anything from pubs, clubs, corporate boardrooms, retail and leisure venues, public buildings, places of worship, through to large theatre usage and professional recording studios. Tannoy’s prestigious client list confirms our commitment to effective, reliable and efficient solutions wherever there is a requirement for exceptional and intelligible sound reproduction.

The idea is a simple one: take the very best expertise, technological innovation and heritage of three world-renowned pro-audio brands and produce a distinctive, tailor-engineered line of products that is set to become a market leader in the vibrant and demanding club, bar and live entertainment sector.

White Acoustics is an umbrella brand emerging from the portfolio of TC Group, leveraging Tannoy’s pioneering loudspeaker technology, Lab.gruppen’s recognised prowess in power amplifier design and the DSP and control expertise of TC Electronic into a highly focused product range that displays all of the qualities that you would expect from three of the world’s leading players in their respective fields.