The Band Played on While the Roof Leaked the Storm into the Concert Hall

I joked with the band that we were going to have to call a roofing contractor in nyc to fix the roof after their concert that was coming up that evening. I had remarked that they had set up quite a bit of equipment for the small venue. It was a joke, but it kind of came true. That evening as they played their set to a packed house, a storm rolled in that shook the whole building with loud cracks of thunder. You could hear and feel it above the rhythms they were cranking out through their high-powered amps and speakers as big as compact cars.

The power got knocked out about halfway through their set, and then rain began to drip through onto the concert goers. The roof was leaking, and I was going to need to call a roofing contractor in NYC to fix it in the morning. Right now, the emergency lighting was on, and the amplified guitars all fell silent. Only the drums could be heard over the rain hitting the roof. Everyone got quiet and still when the power went out.

A couple of people left but most stayed. The booms of thunder continued. There are no windows in the concert hall so the lightning could not be seen. The lead singer grabbed an acoustic guitar and sat down on a chair at the front of the stage. The drummer grabbed his snare drum and went stage front too. The roof was leaking on the stage and on the crowd just a little. The rhythm guitar player grabbed another acoustic, and the bass player left for a couple of minutes coming back with an acoustic bass.

The band finished their set unplugged. The audience sat very quietly and the music blended with the thunder that was now rolling instead of blasting. It was surreal to experience. The music they play is normally very loud, and hearing acoustic versions of their songs was pleasant but odd. The crowd that was on their feet screaming just minutes before was now sitting and carefully listening to these obvious professionals play new versions of their songs. I never saw anything like that before.