The Best Phones for Teens

Of course my kids both want the best phone that money can buy. One of them wants the new iPhone, which is the iphone 4s I suppose and the other wants the new Samsung Galaxy. I think that is the Galaxy 4, which I believe is the phone I would get if I had my own way about everything and did not care what things cost. I am thinking about the cheapest phone they can get, which would be a double minute tracfone I suppose. Those likely would not work out though, looking for a straight talk promo code instead of that because I figure that is how the best deal is going to be done.

If it were someone who was going to be reasonable about their phone use I am sure that the tracfone would be as cheap as you could possibly get and you can find okay phones for that plan. However we are talking about a 14 year old girl and her 12 year old sister. There is not much point in expecting either of them to be reasonable about anything in any way at any time ever. They are going to burn up tons of minutes talking about inane things and sending texts with the weighty thought LOL or SMH. So I need a plan which gives them as many minutes as they can possibly use. It would not be that bad if it were only one of them, but of course two shall cost twice as much. I am seriously thinking about seeing if I can manage some sort of family plan with my phone service. My wife has a work phone, and I only use my phone for making calls. I do not need the latest phone or the best plan money can buy.