Their Gift Was Interior Painting

My brother and I always have a hard time picking out a gift for our folks. They have just about anything they could need, so we have to get creative for their birthdays, anniversary and other special events. This past Christmas, we decided to give them the gift of a painted room. I had found an interior painter in bergen county nj that does excellent work for a great price. When I suggested to my brother that we surprise them with having their living room painted, he loved the idea.

They have lived in the same house for nearly 40 years, and I don’t think the living room walls have ever been painted. I know they have been scrubbed a good bit, but they were past the stage where a good scrub would make them look nice and fresh. We knew we would need their permission before the painter did this, so we talked with them. We thought we were going to have to convince them, but they loved the idea from the start too. Neither of them had considered getting it painted before. They took a good look at it though and saw it how everyone else does.

We told them that the painter would handle everything. His crew would move all of the furniture, and they would also make sure that the floor was protected too. They were not sure which color to go with, and the painter had told us that they would even help with that. They have years of experience, so they know which colors will work and which won’t. It did not take them long to get the job done once they started. They turned a drab room into a very colorful one. Though just the walls were painted, it looks like a completely new room now. I think it’s the best gift we’ve ever given them.