We Are Heading in the Right Direction

My father is one of the hardest working men that I know. When he started to slow down a bit, he asked my husband and I if we would like to integrate ourselves into his business. My husband has often helped him in the past when work got to be overwhelming for my dad, and he really enjoyed the work itself too. There was just not enough work for both to do it full time. Now there was though! One of the first things we did was a search for bespoke software development in Leeds because after looking at my dad’s office, we both knew that we were going to have to make some changes to make this work out for all of us.

While my dad was not completely leaving the business, he was going to switch places with my husband, meaning that he would take care of the overflow work. That meant that my husband and I would have a voice in the day to day operations, which is why I wanted to find a software development company to integrate the various programs my dad was using into one.

His system made sense to me, but that did not mean I liked it. I have worked in too many offices to know that there was something much better out there waiting for us to use. Software developers can take just about any idea and run with it, and what we wanted was actually quite basic. We just wanted to be able to do everything from one app instead of having to rely on multiple ones as well as the physical filing cabinet that had decades of business details in it. Creating the software was easy for them, and using it is very easy for us. Getting all of that paperwork cleaned up is another matter, but at least we are heading in the right direction.