Why I Chose Them As My Salon

When I moved to Singapore, it didn’t take me long to get used to things. For the most part, the restaurants and shops were pretty much the same as the city I had just moved from. I knew the hardest thing for me would be to find a hair salon that I liked, but even that was not the hassle that I had worried it might be. When my neighbor told me I should try team salon for my hair care needs, I decided to look at their website. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, so she made the perfect walking billboard for them.

The reason why I am so picky when it comes to my hair is because I have been taking a lot of medication throughout my life. For anyone who is in the same boat, you know how much havoc that can be for a person’s hair. I have thinning issues because of it, which is why I want a salon that knows exactly how to work with different types of hair. I went to their website first, just so I could get a feel for what type of salon they are.

This was good for two different reasons. The first is because I was able to see different hair styles they have done over the years. I was extremely impressed with the care and detail that each customer is given. I also saw where they are very conscious of the world around them, and they do their part to take care of it. I advocate charities myself, so it was good to see that they are on the same page as me. When I went to see them in person, I was treated with dignity and respect. They have been doing my hair since, and I love what they do for me!