Post Time:2014-09-18 23:47:57 9. Share your members' posts. When you see posts on your customers' company pages or their individual profiles that you find valuable, click that "Share" button and share the information with your network. "Women can make themselves fabulous. When a guy tries to do that it doesn't work. I love that a woman can transform herself.". He later asked for the public's patience while the FBI finished its investigation.As of today, however, neither an explanation of how the $3.4 million fraud went undetected for so long nor the findings of an FBI audit completed for the county in January have been made public not even to members of the St. Louis County Council or the county's own prosecutor.Only a handful of Dooley's closest advisers have seen any details about the embezzlement or January's audit.One of those is Garry Earls, the county's chief operating officer. Although the county has so far refused the newspaper's public records request for a copy of the audit and other records, Earls agreed to discuss some of the findings with a reporter.Mueth "was extraordinarily effective at stealing from us," Earls said in an interview.The fraud initially escaped notice, according to Earls, because Gateway Technical Solutions, the corporation established by Mueth to take advantage of his position as the official overseeing the procurement of technical goods and services for the county health department, delivered on an original $60,000 order of 50 to 60 laptops in 2007.But from that point forward, Earls said, Mueth stole every cent the county paid barbour shopping online to Gateway Technical Solutions.Earls said the audit determined that Mueth had been able to purchase not only the 7,000 square foot home in Webster Groves, but also $200,000 in landscaping, a $100,000 arsenal that included four machine guns, luxury automobiles and a motorcycle.Mueth was also "a big consumer of electronics," Earls said.The financial information in the audit provided by the FBI, Earls added, "accounts for all the money paid wax barbour international jacket to (Mueth) by Gateway Technical Solutions."OUT OF THE LOOPMeanwhile, members of the County Council are questioning why Dooley's administration has not disclosed information about January's FBI audit, which has been in the possession of top administration officials waxed barbour jackets waterproof since February."They keep us out of the loop on everything," Councilman Pat Dolan, D 5th Distric, said.